Front Valley Duplex T-Bars

Perisher, NSW

Heritage Consultancy

Front Valley Duplex T-Bars built at Perisher in 1963 were recently replaced with more modern ski transport. Being one of the oldest existing uphill ski tows in Australia a heritage report and archival recording was undertaken prior to demolition and removal. This archival recording is one of a number carried out by our company.


History & Tradition

Perisher (known as Perisher Blue until 2009) is the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere covering approximately 12 sq km, with the base elevation at 1,640m and the summit elevation of 2,054m at the top of Mount Perisher. A story, which may be apocryphal, credits James Spencer, who settled in the area in the 1840s with saying 'What a perisher' when caught in a storm.

It was the construction of the vast Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme from 1949 that really opened up the Snowy Mountains for large scale development of a ski industry and led to the establishment of Perisher as a leading Australian resort.


The first ski lodges opened in 1951 and by 1957, a number of ski clubs operating. In 1958, Svere Kaaten, built a sophisticated rope tow at North Perisher. Ken Murray, an old friend of Svere's built another rope tow and Perisher's first T-bar. Development continued and Mount Perisher Double Chair was opened in 1962. After the opening of the first chairlift, T-bar expansion and rope tows, the Perisher area thrived. Today Perisher has 49 lifts, including an eight seater chairlift (built in 2003), two high-speed Quad detachable chairlifts, four fixed-grip Quad chairlifts, two Triple chairlifts, four Double chairlifts, 21 T-Bars and four J-bars.